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So Helen was drugging/hypnotizing/mind-controlling her daughter to whore her out for money?
Now I know you’re making all this up as you go.

I agree with Gaff on this. Violet must of have some sort of anger within her to do that to her mom, so this side story and this page explains why Violet lost trust in everyone who she should trust. Maybe in future pages, it will show Violet going to the manor, talked to the maid there, and exact her revenge and servitude there.

So Violet wanted to get revenge on her mom for something she (Violet) couldn’t remember her mom doing to her? Nice try.
Disclaimer does crazy shit to the characters, then follows up with even crazier shit. It’s not a regular storyline.

What difference does it make if Violet can’t remember it when she knows it was done to her? Hell, that would make it worse for her. Ask the Manchurian Candidate. His mother made him murder his fiancé and her father, and he never remembered doing it. Do you think that made him want to kill the bitch any less?

And true, the whole storyline of the Manor seems to be stacking batshit crazy scenarios, one on top of another. In that sense, though, this fits the narrative just fine.

I’m kinda confused as to how you came to that conclusion, it seems to me like the mother gave the counselor permission to do that to her, nothing more.

Oh no, he is right about that, because listen to what her mother is saying. Helen is talking about putting her daughter to work, and giving her to the principal was part of that. Helen appears to be whoring Violet out, and it’s clear she’s somehow doing it without Violet being aware of it, or for the most part even remembering it. There is some clear manipulation going on here.

it’s obviously the manor at work corrupting her/warping her into a personality more in line with it’s “games” Something similar likely happened to Ana before she was turned loose on Elsa. It probably lets JUST enough of it’s converted prisoners go in order to return of thier own violition with MORE toys for the manor to play family and freinds.

An interesting thing I noticed (which may or may not be intentional but given a previous answer to a similar question I’m going to hazard a guess that it is intentional) is that it’s VIOLET rather than her mother that shows the characteristic artistic cues of corruption in this page: the white eyes, the darkened gums in an uncomfortably detailed mouth. One might think Helen would be the one with those, at minimum the detailed mouth, given what she’s doing and the fact that the second to last panel would be an excellent placement for it. Instead, it’s Violet.


(I am possibly overthinking this but those artistic cues are probably the thing that sticks out to me the most over time, tbh)

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