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I can see a “spit roast” coming on. But if you haven’t already drawn it, maybe have one of the guys giving the gal a run for her money by making a move on the other one, surprised or welcome. That kind of “bi” thing seems rarely drawn in most any comic I’ve seen, and would perhaps ratchet up the level of tension and surprise in the scene, even arousal . . . for some anyway.

But this is definitely what the movie trade calls a “smash cut” between scenes. Thanks for the coloration though! That is really nice. Please continue it!!

As always, it is a pleasure to read your comments :). I read over the comment for last page and It gave me things to think about, feeb back is always appreciated ( I personally like the twilight zone ideas). Concerning this page, I don’t want to reveal anything but I can say that you will not be disappointed for some bits and I will file away some of the other ideas for the future.

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