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Mr. Disclaimer, at page 17, is the twin-tailed girl Nue Harime.


Ok, First, you put anime characters too?
Secondly, How she was “tamed”?
And lastly, What other fetish that are you planning?

Hey Damma,
so to answers your questions.
1. She was part of a request call i put out to have characters in the background. I might put anime characters in the manor in the future but for now we are forcing on non-anime characters
2. She would have been tamed by the maid. With difficult cases, the maid finds alternative ways to bring characters under heel(as we are seeing with korra) 🙂
3. The fetishes in the manor show up as supports for the story being told. As such, no fetish will be explore if it doesn’t help tell the story.
I hope that explains a few stuff.

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