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So I’m confused who is the maid? Why does she work their? And what do they do this for?

That is the beautiful mystery of The Manor,you will have to read on to find out. On a side note, what do you think of The Manor?

I wish it was possible for someone would play with my mind like that. I really lose how you don’t break them all at once but its a slow process. Personally I’d love to see it more dragged out and more fighting back but being overwhelmed and losing.

Personally I would have preferred a bunny, dog, or cat over a pig though. Pigs just don’t do it for me.

It is the degradation that comes with the pigs, you need to get in to peoples minds and the degradation has to absolute. 🙂

Yes I can understand that but as a girl id say being a dog is worse then a pig. As women take real offense being called bitch. Pig is more just dirty and I guess fat. But bitch is all character and personality. Plus if you have someone tomboyish being dressed all prissy little a kitten or bunnie would be hell. But I can see how the very femmy queen could be humilated by being a pig as she is the opposite. Personally I’d love to be forced to be a bunny maid lol but I know this is only for fun.

I see, but that is what you would love to happen to you. But now imagine you are ushered in to a dark room, you have no idea how you got there and where you were before that.

Someone shouts at you to get on all fours and you are frighten enough to do it. They tell you that you only human are allowed to stand, and that animals should know their place.

They start to do wonderfully horrible things to your body and even go in your mind where you think you would be safe… that is The Manor. I do like your idea of a tomboy dress up to be a prissy little kitten, I might use that in the future. 🙂

Oh I agree ( and I will probably fantizise about that later) is be scared silly I’m sure. I love your work and can’t wait to read more. I love the breaking down more then the end result. I’d love to know more about what is going on in Elsas mind. Is Anna under a spell or broken too. To listen to their thoughts as they are being broken. Maybe fighting it more only to be overwhelmed and lost in the darkness in us all. After all it’s not real. It’s a release.

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