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hmmm…. I think I have it now….
Rankings in the Manor:
– The Master
– The Maid and Monsters (The wolf and the chef)
– Minor Dom’s (Azula and Anna)
– The dark haired Sub’s (Violet)
– Animals
– Toys and decorations (Mr. Incredible and Arial)
– The Blonde Slaves / Public use cumdumps (Astrid, Temari and Elsa )

Am I close?

That’s not quite right Axel but very close 🙂 For example, Temari does not get fucked that often. Also, Elsa is not quite on the same tier as Astrid. Astrid is FAR below everyone/anything. Also, the blonde thing is just coincidence Disclaimer and I still laugh about. It’s not intended. I assure you :p

I think Astrid, so submissive, hungry and so open, has a much bigger role to play, bound to know the in’s and out’s of this lovely manor, not that she cares to leave, but that she can fail to please others with this info, only to be punished & left behind again and again..

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