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I must say I really love this comic. Although there are the occasional characters I don’t recognize. Hope to see lots more of piggy Elsa. :3 Wondering if the party tonight is in Elsa’s “honor”, or if Anna is just using the occasion to show off her sow princess. Looking forward to see who Mistress Anna’s friends are.

You are doing really good work, and I am looking forward to seeing more of my favorite canon characters in perverted scenes, as mistresses, slaves, or fuckpigs, in the future.

I am glad that you are enjoying the manor, It is a lot of fun to draw and comments like these are lovely to read. The party is more of a general affair for the manor rather then for an individual. We will be with the party for the the new few pages so stay tuned :).

Gwen with boobs just looks off, she’s far better as a flat loli. And where’s Ben whipping her as revenge for the annoyances she has given him all these years?

Upon further consideration, wouldn’t it be more interesting if she desperately DOESN’T want to Ben to see her like this? One of those, “please, please don’t let him see me like this. Anyone but him.”-type situations?

Kinda like what Astrid feels in Heather’s Pet when Heather decides to bring her to see Hiccup?

Holy crap! You actually added both of them in on time!? How fast do you work? I just suggested them to you yesterday! Anyway, great work adding Gwen and Marinette. Gwen’s breast should be flat since she’s not that age yet. Maybe you could have made her slightly older with short hair, like in that one episode, but it doesn’t matter now

Great work though

Considering the things that go on in the Manor, it wouldn’t surprise me if she’s still that age, but they modified her just to show her she can never go back. Maybe even try to break her with a simulation where she escapes and reaches home, but no one believes her.

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