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I love the starry eyed look on Colette’s face. It’s pretty cute to be honest.

On a more serious note though, the fact that they can literally teleport characters into the manor is a scary thought, since it makes you wonder how many of the characters were going about their daily lives, wondering why life has become warped and twisted, when they’re literally teleported to what I’m assuming is the source of their problems.

Was the manor responsible for Colette’s mistreatment at work? And was the offer of having her own kitchen enough to make her work there? Or is it simply because once people check in, they don’t check out…

Really hope to find out what happens next! (Also love Colette’s done face, as if she had to literally suck a lot of dicks at work to the point where it just pisses her off.)

PS: I just went to your Twitter page, and saw the post about an old commission you once did or something that involved Wordgirl. Are you going to do more work on her?

thanks for the comment walker. yeah, I have one more page that I am going to post here soon. I like to think that people just show up in the manor, like thought. also about Colette mistreatment at work, I like to think that was just natural. she does talk about being the toughest cook and she would have to be if she was dealing with this kind of abuse.

Considering Wordgirl, that was just a commission. I do not know her myself so I not sure what type of pron I would draw about her. I tend to stick to characters I know or grow up with.

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